Happy children mean happy parents. See what our parents have to say about us.

“I absolutely recommend Zeeba Daycare to any parent(s) who want their little one to take the next step on her/his development.

Our son is not the most willing when it comes to trying anything new whether it’s joining a program of any kind or even adapting to new environments. From day one, everyone at Zeeba went above and beyond to accommodate and encourage him which gave him the confidence to accept and adapt to the situation. In no time, he had a schedule and friends to look forward to everyday. The staff are very informative and help give you an insight into his day via their social media platform which is regularly uploaded with videos and photos of his various activities.

For the price, you get a lot! Because of their operating hours, my wife and I don’t have to stress or struggle to keep a good work life balance.” Sharmarke and Samira

“I would happily recommend Zeeba to anyone looking for a good and affordable nursery in the area.  Our little boy has been going to Zeeba for about 6 months now and he seems to really feel comfortable and enjoy it.  He loves his key person Lamiah who has really helped him settle in smoothly.  In fact all the staff are super helpful and they all seem to give a fair share of attention to our son.  Zeeba provides a variety of interesting activities and it is great being able to see what our boy has been up to in the mobile app.” J.S

“We are very happy with Zeeba Daycare Dalston Square. The management is excellent with great communication and accessibility.
Our children are very happy there and are well looked after by their key workers and other staff. In particular, the handling of the coronavirus situation has been exemplary with clear communication and sensitivity to the difficulties of the situation for parents, children and the Zeeba staff. 
There is a real sense of community for the children and this has got much stronger under the current manager.”

”I would thoroughly recommend Zeeba Dalston to anyone considering sending their child/children there.  It was the nicest nursery we saw when looking for somewhere to send our daughter and it hasn’t disappointed. I think it is particularly the staff that make it such a special place. All the staff are wonderful and provide such a caring, friendly and fun environment nurturing the children as they grow and develop. And they even manage to make it educational too… They have been great at holding our eldest daughter’s hand (and ours!) through big moments in her life like the arrival of a sibling and potty training – neither would have gone so smoothly without Zeeba’s help. Thank you. I think some people are put off by the lack of outdoor space but actually I think it is a positive thing as the children are taken outdoors on walks (to the library, playground/park, train station and market to name a few) at least once a day (which children at nurseries with outdoor space aren’t) and are taught very important things like road safety on these trips. We currently have 2 children there who are really different and they cater to both of them brilliantly.” Mother of two L.D

”Zeeba Daycare has been supportive of and loving to my daughter since she joined at just 6 months old. She is now 2 and a half and has progressed through all the different classrooms, through lovely practitioners and still enjoys going there every day. I especially love the fact that it’s a small nursery so the practitioners know each child by name across the nursery and are always welcoming when we come through the doors. They also place great emphasis on developing their language and maths skills from an early age. My daughter also loves the extra activities organised by the nursery with external providers, such as Latino Bambino and baby tennis. Zeeba is highly recommended!” Maria S

“Me and my wife would highly recommend Zeeba Daycare Nursery to other parents who live locally.  The nursery is just right by the station and has a very good connection. It makes our life much easier , as we both commute to the City to work.

All children in the nursery are happy and there is a great, welcoming feel from all the staff and Management.  My child comes homes happy, tired and full of ideas! They learn new songs and they have a very wide range of activities for children.

As parents we receive very good daily communication from staff,  and we also receive weekly updates via Tapestry with videos, pictures and observations. We can see what our child is busy with throughout the day, which normally we would not be able to do. Every now and then we take part in afternoon activities – ‘Stay and Play’ which is a great opportunity for us to get to know other parents and our child’s friends.” C.J.

“I would highly recommend Zeeba Daycare Dalston. With a perfect location near Dalston Junction station, it is a great nursery with a lovely environment, a friendly manager and very kind and humble staff. Our daughter (10 months old) started attending the nursery a couple of months ago on a daily basis and since then, she started developing very fast.

They provide excellent food, go out with the children every day, and communicate with us on a daily and weekly basis, keeping us in the loop with everything.

In the evenings, our daughter comes out of the nursery very tired and happy. We can’t recommend Zeeba Dalston enough. Keep up the great work.”

“I strongly recommend Zeeba Daycare Dalston Square, the entire staff are outstanding. My baby is happy and thriving in a caring, loving, engaging environment. I feel confident and delighted my daughter is attending Zeeba Dalston. Thank you team! One tiny note on the price, as it would be great for the 
full-time feel to be a tad lower.”